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Finland Blue
08-30-2011, 08:45 AM
I need to set up a page where customers add their basic information, a currency amount which they will pay for a product, and this needs to then connect o an external credit card merchant's page, where the customer inputs credit card information which is then automatically checked.

The credit card merchant have given the following information, but I cannot work out from it, what I need to do (and the help they give is "read the document" ... hmmmm ...).

I am presuming I need to make a form to get the customer's basic information, then add a "Submit" / "pay now" button, which then takes them to the merchant's page .... I guess its something very simple, but how I get the relevant information from the customer, that is then automatically taken forward to the merchant's page? Do I need to make a form, and name each field the same name as below (eg, the amount the customer pays would be a field called "Amount" etc ...?

Here is the detail given :

<FORM ACTION="https://dmp2.creditcardcompany.com/dmp/html_payments" METHOD=POST>
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Merchant_Number" value="123456">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Card_Details_Transmit" value="0">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Language" value="EN">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Device_Category" value="1">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Order_ID" value="987654321">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Customer_ID" value="Customer123">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Dossier_ID" value="Dossier123">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Amount" value="12345">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Currency_Code" value="978">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Order_Description" value="Bill Buyer&#xa;Shopping Street 8&#xa;02210 London">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Success_Url" value="https://www.ourwebsite.com/success?id=987654321">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Failure_Url" value="https://www.ourwebsite.com/failure?id=987654321">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Cancel_Url" value="https://www.ourwebsite.com/cancel?id=987654321">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Transaction_Type" value="1">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Authentication_Mac" value="94AAD08B257BBA57754D470C67A3D894">

09-03-2011, 04:23 AM
You will never get a merchant page to accept anything pre-coded coming in. Best to simply set up a merchant account and let their page capture all relevant data you would otherwise be asking for. You will find they all have mechanisms in place such that you can download accumulated data to your accounting software at any time.

Finland Blue
09-28-2011, 03:05 PM
Thanks for the answer, but I must not have been clear.

I need to make a form on our web site which my customer adds basic information such as name, booking number, etc and the amount being paid. They then press a "submit" button and are re-directed to the credit card company's secure page (outside my site) where they input the credit card information (which I do not see). If the card check that follows is succesful they are redirected to my site to a "thank you" page.

The credit card company gave me the Form Action address, and the INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME details as above. I know how to make a form, but I know nothing about hidden names.

Taking an example from above: <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="Customer_ID" value="Customer123">
Do I make a field in my form called "Customer_ID", and then when the customer adds their name to the form, its captured and "taken over" to the credit card company's form? So where it says above "Customer123" do I leave it blank with "" ?? or something else?

I simply don't know how to go about this process, and just need a push in the right direction ...

09-28-2011, 03:16 PM
I've not done this in this manner, so I'm no help... Guys, Input?

09-29-2011, 01:21 AM

Finland Blue
09-29-2011, 05:04 AM
I actually do understand what Hidden fiedls do.

What I cannot understand is why a field such as "Amount", for example, is Hidden.

I make a form, in which my customer has to type the Amount they will pay.

If the field is Hidden, then they cannot see it.

I just don't understand the logic, the process.

Can anyone explain?