View Full Version : Help - can anyone help me with my tab rollover images

08-26-2011, 08:16 AM
Hi I am new to dreamweaver and I would like to create a tab menu that has a image banner below it and when you mouse over different tabs it changes the image below related to that page. When you click on the tab it will take you to that page. It would be similar to the one on this page http://www.hmhorses.com/
Any suggestions were I might find a online tutorial or template for this?

08-26-2011, 08:32 AM
Well, they have just created each tab attached to each image below it and used the 'rollover image' behaviour in Dreamweaver. It's a nasty way of doing it (I'd suggest CSS sprites) but it should also be the easiest way for a noobie. Here, try this; http://webdesign.about.com/od/dreamweaverhowtos/ss/dw-rollover-img.htm

08-26-2011, 08:38 AM
Thanks Corrosive, I did see that tut on rollover images, but I can only get it to use the two images in the rollover when I want 5 images to go with my 5 tabs??

08-26-2011, 09:00 AM
They are using exactly the same principal, just swapping the images beneath. On mouse-over you get the new image and then on mouse-out it swaps back to the default.

So, rather than swapping five images with the one behaviour they are swapping five sets of two images. Understand?