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06-20-2011, 02:58 PM
Hey guys,
Just a little background information, I am the marketing director for my company and we had a hosted website that no one was working on so I decided to take it over, I havent made a website since I was in high school and back then it was almost all html so I do have a little bit of experience, however that was working with angelfires free webpage buiding, so needless to say when I started with dreamweaver I was a little overwhelmed. However I watched some tut's and I got a decent hold of it. We host our website on bluehost.com. I feel like I have a very basic understanding of dreamweaver, but I am having some trouble in one area. I wanted to put an online application on our site, so I made one with an html creator, however I cannot get it to send to my email. I was wondering if someone would mind helping me out. the website is www.relaystationllc.com (http://www.relaystationllc.com)

To get to the application go to the wanted: You! apply withing poster, or go to http://www.relaystationllc.com/application.html

Thank in advance,
Samuel Robison

06-24-2011, 05:36 PM
Hi Samuel. Can you please paste your FormToEmail.php code?

I would like to see if it matches up to your form fields on your application.html page.

I do notice some of the code on the application.html page is out of place. I go in to more detail about that once I see your FormToEmail.php code.