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05-14-2011, 11:49 PM

I updated my title tags, and lots of other pages on my web site but google still hasn't updated any of it and won't turn up in any of my search terms. when I type in my company name, Big Day Productions in google, click on the cached link it says that it's a screenshot from the 22nd april, the site titles and description are the old ones.

I have tried to re-verify my site, probably wont make a difference but why is it taking so long.

Could somebody please have a look at my site, its content etc and let me know why google does not seem to be crawling it?

today i changed the google crawl method, and my preferred domain to www.bigdayproductions.co.uk (http://www.bigdayproductions.co.uk)

I also have around 21 file not found 404 errors in webmaster tools for sites that no longer exist however google hasn't updated that either.

I am on the first page of Bing for "cheap wedding photographers" and the second page of yahoo, where my new titles, and descriptions are what they are now, however im nowhere to be seen in google.

Any help is much appreciated.



05-14-2011, 11:57 PM
The frequency Google crawls your site depends upon a number of factors (sites that are less popular and don't change regularly get crawled less). Probably the best thing you can do is get some links to your site out there on other sites.

05-15-2011, 08:34 AM
OK Josh, there are a few things you can do/could be improved;

1. You have a sitemap = good. But there is no change frequency or priority on there = bad. Take a look at; http://www.yotocreative.co.uk/sitemap.xml and see what could be changed.

2. Once you've covered this, try resubmitting your sitemap to Google through Webmaster tools and make your your robots.txt references it as well.

Example using your site would be;

User-agent: *
Allow: /

Sitemap: http://www.bigdayproductions.co.uk/sitemap.xml

3. You are missing a massive trick using images for your main page links. They could easily be done with HTML and an unordered list and that makes me think your not getting all the Search Engine juice your pages should have.

4. Your old pages will drop off the listings naturally but you can request that they are removed one by one. Check Webmaster Tools and click on the 'Crawler Access' section. There is a tab there for removing URLs.

5. Not that I think it should have much affect on Google crawling but certainly will affect your ranking is how your site is coded. I've already mentioned the HTML links but you also have inline styles, no header tags that I could see telling Google what the page is about etc, spacer gifs, tables for layout and so on. That site could perform a load better with these things addressed. Example; you have the phrase "You've probably found this page by searching for affordable wedding photographers" in your footer and yet the phrase "affordable wedding photographers" doesn't feature in a header tag (preferably h1) at all! Address this or change that sentence to read; "You've probably found this page by complete fluke".

6. Just make sure you aren't battling against; http://www.thebigdayproductions.co.uk and http://www.bigdayproductions.com

7. Use Google Analytics. Get the code installed and see how your site performs and what your customer journey is like.

8. Totally agree with DWCourse as well. Backlinks will help enormously. Make sure you are well represented in online directories and social media.

Hope at least some of that helps.