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05-04-2011, 08:59 AM
hi once again guys i just want to know
i have set up a page where i have my product list and it is just a dynamic list. i have set it up in such a way that if you click on the picture or the title it will take you to its own page but obviously as you guys kwow the more products you have the more pages you have to make and set up bla bla ( what a paing in the rear) so just want to know if i set all the different products to go to the same page is there any way to set up php echoing regions that just echos that products information into the relevant area's?
and that would let me be able to just set up on product page for both the list of products and the main products page. ok thanks and please help me on this if you guys can

05-04-2011, 09:07 AM
you could use a $_GET value so a link would be ie.
detail_page.php?=product=1. You can get that value by using the product id for example
then on your detail page you display based on the value of $_GET[''product'].

05-04-2011, 09:20 AM
ok i have to be really honest im a complete noob when it comes to php and i need a walkthrough lol so i tell you what ill set up all my pages and databases online and then ill come and paste the code in here as well as give you the url's to the two page examples so you can really help me out propperly with out you just wasting you breath lol
but thank you very much for trying to help me and im really glad it can be done cos it saves me a heck of a lot of time