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04-23-2011, 04:25 PM
OK... i downloaded the Nivo-Slider image gallery wich is made of Jquery and its awsome. I tried to use it but i dont where are the parameters and also not sure in how to control it to change the speed, pause and transitions. I also want to know if you could have the control buttons inside the Slider instead of outside or maybe delete to make it autoplay. Thanks.

04-23-2011, 06:57 PM
From http://nivo.dev7studios.com/#usage

<script type="text/javascript">
$(window).load(function() {
effect:'random', // Specify sets like: 'fold,fade,sliceDown'
slices:15, // For slice animations
boxCols: 8, // For box animations
boxRows: 4, // For box animations
animSpeed:500, // Slide transition speed
pauseTime:3000, // How long each slide will show
startSlide:0, // Set starting Slide (0 index)
directionNav:true, // Next & Prev navigation
directionNavHide:true, // Only show on hover
controlNav:true, // 1,2,3... navigation
controlNavThumbs:false, // Use thumbnails for Control Nav
controlNavThumbsFromRel:false, // Use image rel for thumbs
controlNavThumbsSearch: '.jpg', // Replace this with...
controlNavThumbsReplace: '_thumb.jpg', // ...this in thumb Image src
keyboardNav:true, // Use left & right arrows
pauseOnHover:true, // Stop animation while hovering
manualAdvance:false, // Force manual transitions
captionOpacity:0.8, // Universal caption opacity
prevText: 'Prev', // Prev directionNav text
nextText: 'Next', // Next directionNav text
beforeChange: function(){}, // Triggers before a slide transition
afterChange: function(){}, // Triggers after a slide transition
slideshowEnd: function(){}, // Triggers after all slides have been shown
lastSlide: function(){}, // Triggers when last slide is shown
afterLoad: function(){} // Triggers when slider has loaded