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04-09-2011, 10:27 PM
Been working on a page in 5-6 hours, but I founded an answear to it myself in a way. But still, if anyone of you know a answear to my question please give me a good explanation :)

First of all, im not that great at exlaing things with words, but I will do my best to explain it in a easy but good way.

Everytime I create a webpage in dreamweaver I click on create new, then blank template, after that I start creating my css, chosing fonts etc. (Already created the design in photoshop, with buttons etc). When im all done with chosing fonts I create the design by inserting navigationbars, header, foter and lock the site, so everysite looks the same. The only place its possible to change is in the "main content". When done with all that I save. Then my page is done, just addning text, one site for contact.. you get the point.

Here comes the part that frustrated me, I didnīt got the logo when I created the page but when I try to go back in the CSS the "design" option wont be there, I only may se the codes and not the design view. Im not that great with html codes. So I usally create most of the page using split view, and working in the design station.

So the question is: How do I go back in the CSS and still be able to se it in design view?

Is it possible to just copy, and paste the html code I have used in my index page, and it will work properly? Because I have chosen that then button "change" when im on diffrent pages and the site work properly in that way. (You always know where you are, is another way to say it)

Thanks, Frekvens

04-10-2011, 06:10 AM
Use an external stylesheet and link it in. Then you can edit the CSS file and control all styles from one file. That's the beauty of CSS :)

04-10-2011, 06:43 AM
Use an external stylesheet and link it in. Then you can edit the CSS file and control all styles from one file. That's the beauty of CSS :)

hmm, could you please explain that better? Or maybe send me an tut or something to show me? Im not completly shure on what you mean, my english isnīt that great..

04-10-2011, 06:50 AM
Hey, here you go; http://webdesign.about.com/od/css/a/aa051203a.htm Basically you can put styles in between the head tags of a single page and that will affect just that page. If you link one stylesheet that has all the styles for your pages you can a. use them again and again on all pages (saving work and download time) and b. make changes to your whole site from one piece of code.

Hope that helps

PS I don't really speak any other languages (maybe a little French) so you are way ahead of me :)

04-10-2011, 07:39 AM
Thats what I first did, but my site wasnīt finished when I saved the file. And now its not possible to go back and change it.. The file ive got is the index file and CSS file.. But I will try to create the webpage all over again, dont think it will take that much time when I already have done it :)) But thanks anyways! :grin: