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03-29-2011, 06:28 PM

I have created an online form and once filled in I used to receive an email with an attachement that I used to read using word pad.

However, I've stopped receiving the attachment and just get a blank email now. I've tried filling in the form myself and it now doesn't even attach anything before sending. Does anyone have any ideas please?

Here is the code:

<form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action="mailto:me@mydomain.co.uk (me@mydomain.co.uk)">
<table cellpadding="3">
<td>First name</td>
<td><input name="first" type="text" id="first" size="40" /></td>
<td><input name="surname" type="text" id="surname" size="40" /></td>
<td>Email address</td>
<td><input name="email" type="text" id="email" size="40" /></td>
<td>Telephone number</td>
<td><input name="phone" type="text" id="phone" size="15" /></td>
<td>Is website</td>
<td><input type="radio" name="website" id="radio" value="Business" />
<input type="radio" name="website" id="radio2" value="Personal" />
<td>Business type</td>
<td><select name="select" id="select">
<option value=" " selected="selected"> </option>
<option value="Building &amp; Construction">Building &amp; Construction</option>
<option value="Education &amp; Training">Education &amp; Training</option>
<option value="Engineering">Engineering</option>
<option value="Financial Services">Financial Services</option>
<option value="Food &amp; Catering">Food &amp; Catering</option>
<option value="Information Services">Information Services</option>
<option value="Leisure &amp; Hospitality">Leisure &amp; Hospitality</option>
<option value="Manufacturing">Manufacturing</option>
<option value="Marine">Marine</option>
<option value="Motoring">Motoring</option>
<option value="Pubs &amp; Restaurants">Pubs &amp; Restaurants</option>
<option value="Proffesional &amp; Business Services">Professional &amp; Business Services</option>
<option value="Retail">Retail</option>
<option value="Transport &amp; Warehousing">Transport &amp; Warehousing</option>
<option value="Other">Other</option>
<td>Other, please specify</td>
<td><input name="other" type="text" id="other" size="40" /></td>
<td>Outline of enquiry</td>
<td><textarea name="enquiry" cols="45" rows="10" id="enquiry"></textarea></td>
<td colspan="2">Would you like to receive email updates?
<input name="mailing list" type="checkbox" id="mailing list" value="Mailing List" checked="checked" /></td>
<input type="submit" name="button" id="button" value="Submit Details" />
<input type="reset" name="button2" id="button2" value="Clear Form" />

03-29-2011, 08:58 PM
<form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action="mailto:me@mydomain.co.uk">

I don't see how that has ever worked.
You can't put a 'mailto' into the action attribute of a form.

03-30-2011, 09:39 PM
Should link to script file that mate, more often than not PHP.