View Full Version : What Not To Do Number 2

03-22-2011, 03:08 AM
I was reading the thread What Not To Do and thought I would post another What Not To Do Site..I was checking out some of the other forums tonight and found five threads on 5 forums about a tv station web site in Atlanta.

They have a slider ad at the top of the page, covers almost .5 the page when you access their site. It sits there for a few seconds then moves up to the top of the page and made the page move around. Even though it does have a Close tab on it and you click on it the page still has a bad upswing to it.

The news sections are tabbed and is a continuous redirect without giving much time to read what's on them. Irritating as heck.
I set the zoom on my machine to 200% and see how one of my friends that's visually impaired would view it. It was terrible and I feel sorry for anyone visiting that site and trying to read the news on it.

I looked at all you guys sites...very clean, very neat sites with no crazy things on them and I appreciate that.

I'm sure it's a money thing to that tv site and they could care less about their viewers and they would never change it no matter how frustrating an experience it is for anyone.

It made me wonder if they have a web developer trying to strut their stuff or the marketing exec strutting it's stuff. Either or it's certainly not a friendly user site for sure. I ran it through the validator and it was a wreck and I agree with all the other designers comments on it.

You guys are professionals and understand how to build a site and keep people returning to it with no junk flying around on it. Thanks!