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02-24-2011, 05:12 PM
Hello, been lurking around the forum soaking up some great advice for around a year as I developed a sprawling site for a family friend's business.

However, as I now come to the end of development I have encountered a pretty peculiar problem with DW8.

Everything had been going well until..

1) Yesterday I was attempting to set up a connection to a locally hosted xampp server to use as a testing server and test the membership.

I belive somewhere along the way, when jumping between vid tutorial and practical application, I edited the site definitions accidentally, causing the cache to recreate. When I eventually got the connection right I found out five minutes later that when I attempted to edit/create and save any site pages, dreamweaver would crash.

This has been going on for 24 hours now. I've tried refining the site definitions, waiting for a couple of hours while it recreates a cache, and yet EVERY SINGLE TIME dreamweaver crashes when I then attempt to save edited site pages.

I tried deleting the .dat cache file in configuration, but still got the same result.

So I'm stuck with a site I cannot edit/save and progress has been halted right at a crucial time as we were hoping to go live in a month.
Bloody dw offers no hope whatsoever, continually crashing at every save attempt. Bewildering.

Soo, those more learned than I - can you explain what I might have done?

Have I caused some irrepairable damage by wrongly redefining the site?

Is there a solution?

If I delete the entire user configuration file, what will happen?


2) The client (our family friend) I've being doing this for has this week come across a problem of his own. Initially he asked me to develop his site as being http://www.site.com, for example.

Now he's telling me he can't get his 'site'.com domain name and will be adding the prefix thesite.com.

Obviously, I initially defined and set the site up for using with the www.site.com url, now he wants it defined with www.thesite.com.

What do I do? Is it a simple fix of redefining (again)?

The way I understood it was that dw infused every created page with the original url ('site'.com) for linking & navigation purposes. Is it possible to simply fix this to 'thesite'.com url? And how do you make sure every page is on board? I worry that having developed as 'site'.com will cause problems when going live to a host using 'thesite'.com in the remote host for trading purposes.

I'd much appreciate all your opinions/advice.

So many variables here just fusing my under-pressure brainbox I'm going round in circles. Need some sane input.

02-24-2011, 07:03 PM
Firstly calm down, you certainly haven't done damage to anything as long as the sites files are present you have a website. Dreamweaver is just a software tool to help bring these together if all else fails you could just reinstall Dreamweaver.

Waiting 2 hours for Dreamweaver to create a cache seems way too long, it should create this in a matter of seconds even on a large site it shouldn't take too long.

My advice would probably be to backup your website files and database if it has one I assume it has from what you have said uninstall Dreamweaver delete any associated files restart and then install. If you don't fancy this check the Adobe site for any fixes.

Regarding the change of domain name this shouldn't make much of a difference at all. All your links should really be relative not absolute for example images/someFile.jpg not http://www.yoursite.com/images/someFile.jpg.

Even if you have some absolute links you can just use the search and replace to change these.

02-25-2011, 07:13 PM
Thanks for the speedy reply, Ricky.

After a 5 hour cache rebuild then a 4 hour shutdown and prep of a new .dat cache file I restarted DW and after 2 or 3 crashes it is currently working ok, allowing me to save and create.

Thanks for the info re the domain name change - good to have peace of mind that I don't need to start from scratch with new links/definitions.

I do have all files, pages, databases backed up so my only worry was DW's erratic behaviour.

I do think that the enormous length of time to build the cache may be down to the OS on this old workhorse laptop. Glitches have been appearing here and there on other progs and slowdowns are getting commonplace.

So I just have one further question regards that:

If I need to imminently move to a new PC is it a simple case of reinstalling DW, defining my site, adding the personal config folder I've now saved and importing the .ste file I've now saved, and all should be well and shipshape to continue editing, creating on the site, etc?

Or have I missed out something vital?

Anticipate the answer and appreciate the expertise. Regards.

02-26-2011, 05:58 PM
Moving to a new PC is very easy, almost as you describe not sure what you mean by the personal config folder though.

You just need to copy call files to a folder on your new PC and then re-define the site on the new PC. I'd just re-define rather than import as some of the paths may not be the same anyway to your local files. Defining a site should only take a matter of a few minutes even if you have a database.

By the way don't forget your database. This can be exported as a SQL file using PHP MyAdmin and then create a new database with the same name and import the file.

02-28-2011, 10:48 PM
I do have a recurrence of the initial problem when trying to get the database connection and testing server right.

It's incredibly frustrating.

In the Advanced section of site definitions edit I entered the folowing values:

Local Info:

Site name - mysite
Local root Folder - G:\local_sites\
Http Address - htp://www.mysite.com

I hold all site files on an external HD ('G') folder, 'local_sites'. Dreamweaver access 'G' for all work.

Dreamweaver itself runs on my PC HD 'C'.

Xampp runs on my PC HD 'C' as well.

Because i'm using 2 different drives is that a problem?

I have tried various entries into 'Testing Server Info' to get a result. I'm not going to list at length here because I've yet to get a succesful server or database connection which works correctly and does not end up with DW crashing as stated before when attempting to save/open files, as if I've muddled it by pointing it at the wrong folder or suchlike.

So I must be entering something wrongly/ perhaps needing to create some kind of folder in xampp's htdocs to synch with DW?

1) Given my local info above, can anyone tell me exactly what I should CORRECTLY be entering into the testing server info to get a definitive connection which will still allow DW to open/work and save files to 'G'.

2) Is there something I should be doing also with xampp to facilitate such?

My site is built. This is not a case of starting a new site.
I am just trying to get a successful link to the mysql membership database I've created on xampp/localhost to test and create php access/login pages.

But all I've managed to do so far is confuse and corrupt DW and pull quite a few hairs out my head.