View Full Version : Refresh data from listbox

02-06-2011, 11:28 PM
Hopefully someone can help me out here and it may be the wrong place to ask:confused:

got an update form that i created with dreamweaver cs5 "update form wizard" and created a dynamic drop down list for 1st of fields on form the rest a text boxes.

when i load the update form it retrieves all the the data from database for the first entry which i can update and it will update the database ok so i know the form is working.

However when i select another item from the drop down list the page still shows the data for the first record, i know i need to refresh the page to get the data for selected list box item to display but not sure how to go about this.

Spent a good few days looking at jquery/ajax to refresh the form but cant get my head round it.

any help/links/demos would be most welcome as it't starting to fustrate me