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11-13-2010, 10:32 PM
Hi All,
I have just re designed my wife's website for her cleaning business at www.doneanddustedcleaning.com (http://www.doneanddustedcleaning.com) , before it was redesigned when I searched in google for Domestic Cleaning Northampton her site was page ranked number 2, however now it doesn't rank anywhere in the top 6 pages now!
I only changed it about 2 days ago but the text is pretty much the same and title etc so was wondering why this has happened, can anyone advise on what I can do to improve the sites rankings apart from external links etc.
I was thinking of changing the domain name to domesticcleaningnorthampton.com, do you think this will help ?

any advice would be great and appreciated as always !

Thanks Nick C :grin:

11-14-2010, 03:12 AM
The new domain would probably help long term. Just make sure you 301 redirect the existing site correctly and notice I said "probably." You can never be certain.

Also, dropping out of the ranking like that could be temporary. I'd keep checking and see if it comes back in the next several days. However, Google has been making big changes in local rankings lately (http://www.studiojmc.com/design-blog/google-local-search.html). So that could be affecting you.

11-16-2010, 05:14 AM
changing your domain name and 301'ing it will give you a temporary hit. Sometimes direct domain names like that are rumored to take a slight penalty as well as it could look shaky.

The template link at the bottom of your webpage isn't going to give you brownie points.

I've noticed sites that take strong advantage of H2 tags as well as the h1 tag to be doing well.

I'm not smart enough coding wise to know if your template is going to take a hit the way it zooms around. I'm curious if the search engines see all that content or not vs having it on separate pages. I see your sitemap only has your homepage as content.

Your keywords look spammy that you have so many. You also have 2 calls for meta keywords in there for some reason.

I don't see any robots.txt or call to them in your meta data. It's done by default but slower.

I wouldn't change your domain name but I'd consider a template has pages so that you can take advantage of multiple pages of content, meta data, and creative urls. Does that make sense. It's a nice site and I see your site on the search engines but I'm just trying to help point out things that might be overlooked or that you can take advantage of in the future maybe : )

Also be sure your added to bing and yahoo's webmaster tools.

12-31-2010, 04:54 AM
What has been my experience is that when you change things, the initial response from the bots is that they have cataloged pages and assigned values that are no longer there. They come looking for them, they're gone, Url is devalued. Assume it to be temporary. If as you say there is but a tad of tweaking to the copy and you haven't gone overboard w/ meta & keywords & such, the site should bounce back in short order... I assume also you've validated your changes, & any new images have alt text relavent to the actual image. i.e. the usual housekeeping?

01-05-2011, 07:26 PM
In my experience the domain has little weight. There's very little your competition have to do SEM wise to completely blow whatever (if any) advance you got from changing your domain name.

The change in the SERPs could also be from a lot of things, I doubt it's due to the content of your site. Just guessing.