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10-12-2010, 04:10 PM
I would like to create a volunteer sign-up sheet for my school's clubs to use, similar to the mysignup.com. We don't want to use a commercial one - we are a private school and want to avoid outside advertising & and paying for it. I have searched through PHPform creator software, dug around the Dreamweaver help files, and searched the web for sign-up sheet software and can't seem to find anything. I am not sure where to start as this project has so many different things going on. Can someone give me some advice on where to start? Software, a book, a company/person that does custom programming, etc.... Thank you!

10-13-2010, 01:15 AM
do you want a simple list of volunteers? or do you want to have vounteers for timeslots?
what you are looking for in dreamweaver is
first to create a form. > this is well documenterd in dw and not difficult
next part is to maybe
use php to store data in a database > you could try looking for a membership script . im pretty sure you will find one if you yahoogle , you could also try hotscripts.com or one of the many script sites many free.
scripts like this rarely cover all you want but if your requirements are simple you may be lucky.
another option might be joomla, there are many free components that may give you what you want.
If you have no luck and you want to advertise for custom programing i suggest you post in the jobs section on this forum