View Full Version : No way for the links of my image map to remain?

09-27-2010, 05:01 PM
On my homepage, I thinking of using an large image map with 12 hotspots (mostly image thumbnails and some text links).

The problem is, if I change even one image/ thumb, I then have to generate a new imagemap and re-do all 12 hotspot links all over.

Very tedious.

The good side, is that I can then swap out images and do other creative things in Photoshop with layers etc. And the fonta are more abundant there.

I could though hire an html designer to (html/ CSS) the whole thing for me which would allow me to swap out the thumbs right in dreamweaver.

So my simple question is this: Is there a way I don't know of in which DW, could remember the hotspot links when deleting and replacing a large image map? thanks.