View Full Version : Date Object and DW Template

09-02-2010, 02:40 PM

I'm in the process of updating the web site for a club I belong to and am creating a series of templates to use for the various different pages.

The locked regions are the usual - header, navigation and footer. No problems so far.

The President of the club really wants each page to reflect the date the individual pages are updated (i.e., saved) - I honestly think he's the only one who looks at that info., but I can go with it.

Anyway, I know DW will insert an automatically udpated date object that updates the date whenever the page is saved. My question is whether the date object will work if it's placed within a locked region.

I'd like to put the "updated on (date)" in the footer so that it won't get "disturbed" if someone else comes along to make minor updates to the page. But, I'm not sure if the update will change the date or not.

Does anyone know?