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08-29-2010, 08:46 PM
Things which I want to get clear are;

1) There is an index.php which will show the whole page of different news. Download it from here


I have inserted HOTSPOTS on the headlines whose news details I want to display when somebody click on it.

2) News details of these three HOTSPOTS can be downloaded from here. Note: These are the image files because I don't know how to set it in a single webpage.

Download these images from here.


My whole newspaper consists of only images so, there will not be any text in the database i guess. Means, news will be in image format like jpg or gif.

So, how can I set id on above 3 images so that at index.php every headline will be a link to dat particular id.

Please, demonstrate me that how to set the website so that I get the result I want.
Please, tell me the whole procedure and kindly work out on these files I've given to you.
I hope you'll help me.


08-29-2010, 10:14 PM
Why dive into PHP & MySQL if you don't have a basic knowledge of HTML & CSS?

If you would do some reading than on the first page of the introduction to 'How to build a website' you will learn that building a whole website only out of images is bad, bad and bad.

Please, demonstrate me that how to set the website so that I get the result I want.
Please, tell me the whole procedure and kindly work out on these files I've given to you.

Are you serious?

I would love to help you, but this is a bit too much you're asking :)

If you are a beginner and really want to learn the basics of how to setup a webpage than this is really a good read for you.


08-30-2010, 12:45 AM
Guys, i know this html & css kinda things ..

I've built a website. The thing what i m asking are the two things. Before that, lemme explain you what i've done.

I've created a webpage at which there's an IMAGE of a newspaper. You can find out that image from here:

This is a main page of the newspaper .. now, as there are a lot of news on this page. So, every news has its own details. For example, below are the three example details in IMAGE format of three selected headlines of the main page.


Note: My Website is not published yet & it's a personal website i.e., i don't want it to get fame lolx.

Now, what I want to know is that:
1) How to set the detail images in a single webpage so that whenever I click on the selected area on the main page of newspaper, Particualr Detail Image should open (not the whole detail page). 'id' kinda thing will be useful here i guess but i don't how to make link.

2) As, it's a newspaper website so, daily update is necessary but I want to keep an ARCHIVE too so that old newspaper should be present.

If you couldn't understand the problem as my english is too worst. lolx.
Here's an example website:

Check out this website. That's wht i exactly want. Plus have a look in the ARCHIVE section.

08-30-2010, 01:38 AM
creating an image with hotspots as you mention, there may be a way with javascript/spry.
i would approach it maybe with using php to call the image from a database then it would be simple to use that same link i d to make your link to.
as to updating and archiving it sounds like you will need to write or at least implement a cms system o make life easier for yourself.
maybe wordpress may be an option