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08-27-2010, 07:43 PM
First of all let me say I'm a self taught novice. I've read other posts that preach Dreamweaver isn't for laymen, but I've gotten by with the help of this forum and other internet sites. I'm not trying to do anything extravagant.

Anyway... My problem is that I created a webpage with a flash video/slideshow on it. It works fine except that it never runs through the entire slideshow before starting over. I see the little status bar and it resets back to the first picture. I realized that some of the picture files were too big and it was taking a while to load them. So I resized and now they're all about the same size. But still can't seem to get it to run through all of them. There's only 14 pictures, but so far in both Firefox and IE haven't been able to see them all.

Is this a design error or is it maybe my internet connection? Searching the forum and web didn't help with this one.

Thanks for anyone who can give me a clue.

Site: www.heelsnwheelsentertainment.com (http://www.heelsnwheelsentertainment.com)


08-27-2010, 07:48 PM
Well of course as soon as I posted this I went back to the site to check it out and it worked just fine. I give up for the day. But if anyone sees what I'm talking about and has an idea of why it's happening, please let me know. Thanks.