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07-07-2010, 01:31 PM
I m new here, i am following the instructs man get from abobe help.

Can just someone tell me how i download and unzip the check_cs5.zip sample files ? The sample file is suppose to work, but it doesn t.

Thanks! :)

When you create a local site, you can place any existing assets (images or other pieces of content) in the local site's root folder (the main folder for the site). That way when you add content to your pages, the assets are there and ready for you to use.
The sample files included in the download ZIP file contain assets for the sample website you'll build in this tutorial series. The first step is to copy the sample files to an appropriate folder on your hard drive:

Decide where you want to store your website files on your hard drive. The folder can be anywhere on your computer, but the less buried it is the easier it is to find later. For example:

(Windows) C:\Sites
(Mac OS X) Your home folder already includes a folder called Sites.
Download and unzip the check_cs5.zip sample files if you haven't done so already.
Copy the check_cs5 folder into the Sites folder.The check_cs5 folder is the folder you will use as the root folder (main folder) for your Dreamweaver site.

07-08-2010, 01:13 AM
you dont need to download the font i would imagine you already have it.
you need a compression program to unzip files , likw winzip or RAR for windows. dont know program you use for macs if thats what you are using