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Bill Jacobs
06-12-2010, 06:26 PM
I was given the task of recreating my company's web site. I did not know anything Dreamweaver when I started so used a Lynda.com Hot book on Dreamweaver CS3 which I had on my machine at work. I also have the Creative suite design premium for CS4 on my machine. After working through about 350 pages of the book with CS3, I laid out my basic pages using the Table layout Mode in CS3. I went to use CS4 (trying to see the differences between the two and was doing a search for moved commands, etc.) and saw that there was no table Layout mode in CS4. The command was not in the menu bar where I expected it. In my look up in the Dreamweaver CS4 help I searched for table layout mode, and was taken to a page that told me that the table layout mode was deprecated (discontinued? the dictionary defines deprecate as being disapproved). I am wondering what they put in place of the Table Layout mode to replace it. Any one have any idea.

To those who respond to my query please understand that I have never worked with html, xhtml, xml or any other kind of coding in my 10 years in the graphic arts field. I have been more focused on the print side. Thanks in advance for any help you send my way.


06-13-2010, 01:33 AM
tables have been passed over for divs as best for cross browser suppport
it is a better way IMO but there is a learning curve .
i knocked up a very bacic 2 collumn layout to help another poaster yesterday , maybe it will help you also a bit

06-13-2010, 09:00 AM
Yes, tables are no longer considered a good way of laying out a web page. CSS is the way to go now (and has been for a while now). Adobe rightly dropped table layout support for CS4 in favour of web standards.

You can still hand-code tables if that is what you want to use but I'd recommend against it, especially for a company website where quality is key. Having said that, if they wanted a professional job, then they'd have hired a web designer rather than asking someone with no experience to do it in my opinion.

There are loads of great CSS tutorials out there to get you started and you can learn about why tables have been dropped in favour of CSS at; http://www.w3schools.com/

I also can't believe that a training company like Lynda are still offering books that are aimed at table built sites.

06-13-2010, 05:05 PM
When you create a new document in Dreamweaver CS4 you are given the choice of several one, two and three column built-in layouts to choose from. they make a good starting point for most layouts and both the html and css are well commented.

BTW, the redesigned built-in layouts in CS5 are much imporved over the ones in CS4.