View Full Version : Dreamweaver hangs at 100% CPU when opened.

06-10-2010, 03:47 AM
I have just installed the Adobe Master Suite on my work PC and the one program I need the most (Dreamweaver) hangs at 100% at all times after opening. ALL other Adobe CS5 programs DON'T do this, and remain at a low 0-20% during idle.

This just started happening about a a day ago, and before that was performing normally. I have also just installed new memory (3gb) and figured it must due to faulty memory. Yet I replaced my sticks with the old ones and still the problem continues, while all other programs work fine.

I'm assuming it's either some memory leak or virus or ... who the heck knows, but I tried re-installing the program again and booting into safe mode but both to no avail. I also deleted the personal config file, but this also did nothing. Also, this was not doing this before hand but only happened a day ago. I literally have no idea what I could have done but I know for sure that my PC can run this program as I've already designed an entire site with this version.

Are there any programs I can use to figure out the culprit or find out what is wrong with Dreamweaver.exe? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Win 7 ultimate 32
AMD 3500+
3gb memory

06-10-2010, 04:47 PM
I'd speak to Adobe themselves. They should certainly support you with a brand new product.