View Full Version : Resizing videos and images in css

05-31-2010, 01:03 PM
I'm new to Dreamweaver and am learning a lot trying to modify a template I have.

I had a bunch of embeded youtube videos working and sized fine, and then something I did when I edited my CSS made them shrink down to a funny size. Now I can't get them back to normal without completely screwing up every other picture on the page.

I'm really confused.

http://mylifecheatsheet.com/news.html (http://mylifecheatsheet.com/news.html)

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing, or talking about? haha

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this, you're wonderful!


06-01-2010, 01:27 AM
not really but you have
<object width="480" height="385"> so im guessing you mean that . take out the width and height values and it should display its original size asfik