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04-20-2010, 03:18 PM
hi everyone,
After long time I am back, being very busy but good to see everyone's around.

I am working on flash template. I uploaded and its looks great and fast, but I got a problem, Google search engine cant not find my website, I know the search engine is not suitable with flash template, but there must be some way to do that, either 3th party software, TAG, or I was thinking build the first index page with dream waver like an intro than put a Text (enter the website) in the middle of page and link this text to my flash template or domain name.. . so what do you think? what do you suggest? bcoz Google can find easily the dream waver Html websites.
If you know something plz say something......

04-20-2010, 04:19 PM
Simple answer: don't put content you want search engines to index in Flash files. While they are getting better at deciphering Flash, all of you content is still going to be in one search engine unfriendly document rather than several focused pages.

04-20-2010, 05:07 PM
hi DW course, thanks for replay, but I didn't get you, what you mean with don't put content to your index file?, could please explain better so I can follow your footprint, seem you are good in dream waver, thanks
Guy any more clear Idea?

04-20-2010, 05:35 PM
When a search engine crawls your page and records its content, it's called indexing and doesn't have anything to do with your index file.

I'm just saying to put any content you want search engines to include in their listings in Flash.

04-20-2010, 05:44 PM
Yeah, now I know what you Mean, but I have flash file, that is means any content as title or tag is not going to be seen by search engine, that is what i heard, bcoz its flash file not HTML. that is why I was thinking build only one page with dream waver as website, totally dark and black, put an white text in the middle says( enter the website) than link this text to my flash website, so now i am using 1 domain with 2 template, one the dream waver (the black page with text) and other one is my original flash template.

So now how can I sort it this things out? the dream waver page should be include tag, title, content or what ever search engine needs to find out the first page , later I need to link this page to my flash file with Hyperlink....
that is the idea, but I am not sure its going to work or not,
please say something seem you are good in dream waver, I am sure you know how to do that,

04-20-2010, 06:13 PM
Well you should be placing the flash file into an html file for display so your title and any other html content will get read.

Personally, I don't think putting up a page to "introduce" your flash page is a good idea. It will just make users go through an extra step to see your content and won't really make much difference to search engines.