View Full Version : MySQL + PHP. Please Help!

03-15-2010, 07:52 AM
Hi everyone, I googled "Dreamweaver Forum" And registered here.
I'm new,so hello! I'm afflicto :D

Anyways.. I have some very very basic knowledge of PHP and the MySQL Database system.

I have a pretty good understanding of html and dreamweaver cs3 tho.
I know how to create a website with frames. e.t.c but when it comes to coding and stuff like that, I usually go with premade embeddable stuff like chatboxes, comment boxes, forms and polls e.t.c

I wanna be able to make them myself...

My current website is at www.pixelborn.tk (http://www.pixelborn.tk)
I use the free domain service by www.dot.tk (http://www.dot.tk)
and the ftp host with premade templates and stuff by www.webs.com

Webs.com is great, tho I have 1 big problem with it, little customization, and I don't have the ability to create multiple instances of an application, which the "Video Gallery" Fuction is. So I can't have multiple video galleries.
And visitors cannot play youtube videos in HD from my site... so it's useless because I have HD video tutorials, and watching that in 320x240 or whatever is pretty small.

I decided to maybe learn how to create these website functions.

My idea is somewhat like webs.com.
A forum, able to have a membership/account database and blog database.

Tho, setting up something like that, requires ALOT of coding, am I right?
Well, if anyone could help me out with a solution, would be great! :)

Any replies are greatly appriciated!