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03-12-2010, 09:15 PM
Hey guys,
I just bought dreamweaver and I have a couple of questions. I have created a website a couple months ago for my current job. They had a deal with this company that allows people to create a website without having to worry about HTML. I mean, we can still add modules and apps.. but it was very easy and you didn't have to know any coding to create it.

Now I want to step-up my website skills, and i have purchased dreamweaver. Now some questions I have are these:

1. Will i be able to create a login/password thing were people can register onto the website?
2. Can the owner of the site be able to change some info, add a video, or add some text, via login. ( like can he login and be an administrator and then be able to change info,videos, ect.) or do all changes need to be made by me personally?
3. Lets say i finish the whole site in Dreamweaver..how do i then get it live and onto my host. I know there is a view option that shows how the website will look online..but how do i actually get it online?

I know this might be alot of info..but im still trying to understand how dreamweaver works..

03-12-2010, 11:46 PM
1 yes. easily using the dw wizards
2 yes but might need some work and some time spent with learning some basics
3 get a domain name and hosting which will give you web space then you can upload your work either with dreamweaver or a 3rd party FTP program

04-07-2010, 11:32 PM
jhaddad112, Dreamweaver just writes up the code for you. Instead of you typing code, you click.

for number 2, you would have to learn a dynamic language that helps you do that (for the most part). Such as PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.

Those languages work in conjunction with HTML, so its good if you master the static design part first. After you are feeling intimate with HTML/CSS, you should start looking into dynamic driven languages, as mentioned above.

I believe this forum offers PHP help/tutorials as well.

But regardless, check out some HTML/CSS books from the library, get used to the DW interphase, and then after that's all completed, start learning some dynamic languages that assist you for what you need in #1 and #2.

Hopefully that makes sense >.<

04-10-2010, 06:22 AM
okay sweet, all your guy's info has been really helpful!
I just have trouble finding good wallpapers, and images for banners lol!
but its all a learning process.

Thanks for all the info!