View Full Version : IE 6 & 7 overflow:hidden problem

03-05-2010, 08:53 AM
I have some h3 tags in this page of my site http://www.eustonfishingclub.com/Reports/index.html (http://www.eustonfishingclub.com/Reports/index.html)
the h3 tag should have a border and background that is the same width as the the content unless it comes into contact with a floated image then the content of the h3 tag should be hidden behind any floated image but in IE 6 the h3 tag just shows beneathn the floated image across the content div and in IE 7 the h3 tag only displays behind the text then stops !
Can anyone advise what I need to do to get this working correctly ?
Everything fine in IE8,Opera,Firefox etc

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