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02-21-2010, 02:25 PM
I'm going nuts trying to add sites through the managing sites menu. I choose a general folder on my computer call WEB, then add the new site (which I'll call john doe website) and it prompts me that another site exists in that root folder (WEB) and that that could cause problems, but I don't understand why 2 sites, each contained in separate folders can't exist within a larger folder, so I go ahead anyway and then dreamweaver places all the existing site folders for other sites INSIDE a new folder called "Site - john doe website" (including the site named "john doe website". When I look on my hard drive, there is no "Site - john doe website" folder. The folder management looks as it should look. What is this Uberfolder that Dreamweaver creates ("Site - john doe website"), where does it live on the hard drive and how can I get rid of it?? I only see it in Dreamweaver, but it's real because when I tried emptying out that folder of all the other sites, the computer actually trashed the original files of those sites!!!

I never had this in earlier versions of dreamweaver.

02-21-2010, 03:43 PM
OK, two possibilities:

1. BUG ALERT: A bug in certain versions of Windows may result in the wrong folder being selected. The problem occours when the users tries to set the local root folder by browsing into and selecting it. Instead the local root folder is set one directory higher than the one chosen. So, if this but affect you and you keep all your new site folders in WEB, then each time you try to select a new site folder form in WEB, WEB will actually be selected. The workaround is to enter the file name by hand. More info: http://dwcourse.com/dreamweaver/windows-bug-local-root-folder.php

2. Dreamweaver will WARN you if you try to define a local root folder inside and a folder you are already using for another website. That's because it generally doesn't make sense to have two sites set up to edit the same files. But you can do it.

What dreamweaver is telling you is that you've already defined the WEB folder as the root folder of one of your sites. And, in fact, you seem to keep trying to do it because you don't understand the process.

You need to create the folder where you'll be keeping the local copy of your web site (say MySite) and then, in the New Site dialog select it as the Local Root folder.

You can download an tutorial for defining your website here: http://www.dreamweaverclub.com/define-your-site.php. The info is also included in my free Let's Get Started with Dreamweaver tutorial (registration required) available here: http://dwcourse.com/dreamweaver-mini-course. And there's a video at http://dwcourse.com/dreamweaver-define-site.

02-21-2010, 04:03 PM
I'm on a Mac, not PC, but what you suggest might be happening in Windows, seems to be happening with me. What I still don't understand is:

a) where that folder Dreamweaver set up "Site - my site" is located! I only see it in the DW file box, not on my hard drive.

b) if I want to have separate folders for each website and then include them in a larger folder called WEB, which is what I thought I was doing, why doesn't that make sense??

02-21-2010, 04:14 PM
What version of Dreamweaver?

Putting all your folders in a folder called WEB makes sense but somehow you've already defined WEB as the local root folder for one or more of your sites. Hence the warning.

Dreamweaver doesn't create the folders for you. When you name a site all that does is give DW a name to call it. You have to create the folder for the site and then point to it as the Local Root Folder.

So I'd recommend creating a new folder for keeping all your sites in (actually your Mac has a Sites folder you could use) and starting the process of defining your site over AFTER YOU HAVE READ ONE OF THE TUTORIALS.