View Full Version : MX 2004 ftp connection error

01-23-2010, 12:23 AM
Hi All,
Im new to the site.

im having troubles using ftp in DW mx 2004 (old school tables & cells), it never use to be a problem.

when i click the connect icon the 'Server not responding' window pops up with the message 'waiting for server... ' and then the percentage bar gets to 100%,

then a window pops up saying 'operation timeout cancelling....'

then another window pops up saying 'the connection to the remote host has been lost. click refresh to reconnect.'

then another window pops up saying 'Dreamweaver cannot determine the remote server time. The Select Newer and Synchronize commands will not be available'.

then another window pops up saying 'An FTP error occurred - cannot get remote folder information. Dreamweaver could not connect to the server. Please check your network connection and try again'.

i've just moved into a new building with an existing WIFI internet connection. could it be that the network connection settings might be causing the problem? because when i test the connection in 'manage site' it says 'connected to your web server successfully'.

Any ideas anyone?