View Full Version : Can you build a spry nav bar in CS3, using your own custom designed buttons?

01-04-2010, 11:07 AM
Dear DC. I have been having a problem getting drop down menus to work with my custom buttons. many of you lovely people have tried to help but my problem persists. I have been trying to get my Fireworks treated buttons to behave in DW but they will not, so I am trying another angle. Is it possible in CS3 to make a spry navigation bar using your own graphics for buttons? Please see my nav bar with no drop downs


My client loves the lorry buttons so I am stuck with trying to make them work. I have read the relevant chapter in 'CS3 - the missing manual' but it makes no mention of importing your own images into the nav bar. can anyone tell me if it's possible? If not, does anyone know someone in the London area that I can employ to sort it for me, as this one issue has held up my site for 2 months. thanks again for your patients. Regards, Designer

01-04-2010, 05:43 PM
You can use a spry menubar with your images. Just use the image as the background for the ul.MenuBarHorizontal a style rule (this will require you to have the lorry the same size on all your links. You may then need to play with the padding a bit to position your text correctly. Also you'll probably want to add a ul.MenuBarHorizontal ul a style rule to remove the background image for submenus.