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11-20-2009, 09:22 PM
Hi there,

I'm new, thanks for being there. I recently built my first website - yeah!

Now, as I learn more I want to make the design more sophisticated. I'm kinda of embarrassed to have you pros looking at it, clearly the tables in my sidebars weren't formatted the same, etc., but I'm learning every day.

I'm haven't been able to center my website. I followed (cut and pasted) the instructions posted on this site, but there must be other code interfering.

Could someone, Mike?, please look and let me know where I'm going wrong?

Thank you!


PS - the original index page looks much better for now!

11-21-2009, 12:01 AM
you need to validate there are a few errors easiets are lose the <br> before the doctype, you have more than 1<body> declared after the first you have
<div class="wrapper"> before your styles so this would throw you