View Full Version : Hi Can anyone look at this and help !

10-31-2009, 02:07 PM
I am trying to create a thumbnail gallery to link my photo albums to Lightbox, Lightbox is fine but I am struggling, I have created a main Gallery Div with a Div inside that called wrapper Div, which then has two further divs inside that.
I have floated the divs to the left no problem, but am struggling with the descripdiv for the thumbnails, the text spills out of the div, can anyone also suggest how I do this from scratch as I am struggling ???
I have enclosed my code, I know its not right but have been chasing my tail for hours trying to get this right can anyone advise with some code perhaps !!!

( I have created a filmstrip background for the album and then positioned a AP div in the middle to display the link image thumbnail)
Nick ;-)