View Full Version : Extensions for Dreamweaver - Recommendations/Feedback

10-30-2009, 07:42 PM
Hey Everyone,

I've created a few websites strictly using what is available through Dreamweaver and was looking at potentially purchasing a few extensions to help speed things up as I may have a few friends that want sites. Anyone have recommendations - particularlly looking for some geared towards development, I guess more specifically PHP.

Seems like WebAssist Dreamweaver extensions (http://www.webassist.com) look pretty good but I seem to here mixed things and I've looked at a few from other companies but not having purchased any before was unsure who is really considered the extension leader if there is one to begin with. Any feedback or suggestions would be great!


10-31-2009, 12:51 AM
my recommendations would be forget extensions and learn the basics money better spent on extensions whickh may or may not do what you want. a member here gives 1-1 lessons donation based and would be much better way to go IMO.
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