View Full Version : code view in dreamweaver...how do you set to all black?

dreamweaver beginner
10-09-2009, 08:39 PM

I'm trying to study the dreamweaver code it writes.

I find the colors and grey explanation notes very distracting. I removed all of the grey notes. :mrgreen: But how do you set all of the code to black?

I went into this paint tool on the left hand side of the page and literally changed about 22 different colors. That seems to be working, but that's ridiculous.

There must be some check box somewhere to remove all color-coding from the dreamweaver code.

10-10-2009, 05:42 PM
In Dreamweaver (CS4 at least - not sure about earlier versions) preferences, under Code Coloring, you can edit the color scheme. I think you may even be able to find alternate color schemes pre-built that you can download and install. Of course you have to change the colors one by one and for each type of page (html, php, etc.) you use.

My question would be why. If you want to understand the code structure, I would think the code coloring would be more help than hindrance.

And, BTW, you can remove all the comments by searching the source code using regular expressions:

Search for <!--[^-]*--> and replace with nothing.