View Full Version : Advanced PHP Registration Form (Dreamweaver) - Dynamic Drop Down / List Menus

10-06-2009, 11:41 PM
Hello to all, I am if anything a designer but a complete noobie to programming..& Dreamweaver!... I want to build an ecommerce site with an advanced dynamic
registration form. using PHP, MySQL etc. I am currently using W.A.M.P.

On my desired registration form, the 'Country' & 'State' section will be drop-down/list-menus. When the user selects the country, I want the following 'State' drop down menu to change the default drop down listing & load the appropriate states based on the users country selection from the MySQL database.

Whether the entire page reloads maintaining user data or just the drop-down listing to do this, i am not concerned at this stage. I just want to find an entire step by step tutorial (video preferrable) on configuring the databases tables/fields etc correct for the form as well as designing the page in Dreamweaver (any version).

If anyone can point me to a tutorial on how to do this or even give me a few tips, would be greatly appreciated!. Anyone that wishes to submit me any code to help me with my form, could you please explain exactly where i need to place it in the pages as I am not programming literate.

Thanks in advance