View Full Version : Networking -file permissions

10-04-2009, 06:04 PM
I use CS$ on a MAc 10.6 and Drewmweaver 8 on a VMware WINXPro running on the same machine. I need to update files using Interakt behaviors. Untill recently I could ac ces, edit and save files From DW8 (On the VMXPpro side to the main folders on the MAC side, now I can't. I try to open a file and I'm told it's write protected and do I want to make it writable. I say yes, make a few changes and get a new error that I permission to access was denied.

I can access and edit other files in other folders using notepad so it's something to do with CS3 folders or files. I even checked the permissions on that file from the mac getr info and they were writable. :(

Any ideas would be very welcome.