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09-29-2009, 10:15 AM

I have just created this site which went live at the weekend, we have been advertising the site locally through all the usual means ie directories, facebook and so on.

I didnt realise the response I was going to get from the site, which has now 2 days in started to be a time consuming pain in the aris.

What I need to do is turn the site into a sql/php database, but you guessed it havent got a clue on mysql etc.

The site is only one page but it has 3 seperate forms on the page, what I need to do is...

1. the sign up page link straight to a database and the uploads the user does go into a seperate image file on my server. Oh and automate an email response of confirmation

2.Newsletter, again just an automated repsonse, and a list of "opt ins" generated

As I have mentioned I have no database knowledge and I have searched yahoogle for many hours, but all the tutorials I seem to get go on like you have some knowledge already.

Can you look at the site and see if this would be a difficult task and if there are any tutorials out there that will help would be greastly appreciated. Sorry video tutorials arer out as I have no sound on the pc

www.derbyartists.co.uk (http://www.derbyartists.co.uk)

Thanks again in advance

09-29-2009, 04:45 PM
I have managed to make a test page with an uploader and its goingto mysql.

If anyone else is struggling I managed to find a tutorial that does go from the basics up


Hope this helps anyone else that maybe stuck

09-30-2009, 12:40 AM
re newsletter have a look at pommo.org has some nice added features and is unlimited and free