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Johnny Mac
09-25-2009, 02:43 PM
the more I learn the less I know.... umpfh!

Currently, a customer fills out a customized Excel spreadsheet then sends it back to me as an order. I print the invoice (a worksheet), the consumer signs for acceptance of goods and services, I scan it into a PDF then email it back to the person/account who requested the order (and also CC it to accounting for payment).

I also maintain a webpage for their account that allows everyone to view YTD, pending orders, invoices due, etc.

I want to move most of the ordering process and account management onto the web and develop a web application website.

My big aggravation is this... I customize each workbook for each customer, ie: company name, address, billing email, etc.... When I update a spreadsheet (raise prices, change the look of the invoice, etc) I then have to go back, re-create a new customized workbook for each account, name it V2x, email back to them and hope they actually use it, often the don't. Each account typically has several employees that orders from me. So I find myself cut and copying info from the older spreadsheet versions into the newer version.

I want to create one, master order solution where folks log into my company website, enter the consumer information, pick the goods and services, and save it to their account.

This way I can 1) make changes once and everyone is ordering in a standardized system... and more importantly... 2) I better protect my VBA programming/intellectual property by not sending everyone a complete workbook sitting on their local machines with years of my work only protected by passwords/hiding sheets, etc. (That part makes me a wee bit nervous I gotta tell ya.)

I've already lost years to Frontpage that I ultimately abandonded and I don't want to start on the wrong path with this endeavour.

IIS or Apache/linux? SQL/ASP or PHP/MySql? ...and why?

I'm less concerned about cost and more concerned about growth, flexibility, security.

Thanks in advance


09-25-2009, 06:29 PM
There has to be an existing online solution for this.

IIS or Apache/linux? SQL/ASP or PHP/MySql? ...and why?
This really shouldn't matter much. You want the house built properly, you don't really care what kind of hammer the builder is using.

Johnny Mac
09-25-2009, 06:42 PM
thanks Dom... I currently have a Windows hosted domain and a Linux hosted domain too.. I am looking for input from someone with experience between the two database solutions before I devote my time to developing either

Johnny Mac
09-25-2009, 09:57 PM
looks like linux/php/mysql here I come...


09-26-2009, 05:18 PM
Nothing wrong with choosing PHP/MySql as your platform, but be sure you chose it from the right reasons. Do you know the person that wrote this? Is he an authority on this subject. You could *easily* find articles claiming the opposite of this article. And you have to be critical to some of his views. Especially if this is the future of your business. I'd still look at finding a hosted web solution instead, problem solved and you don;t have to develop anything.