View Full Version : Having problem with flash gallery showing up on live website

09-10-2009, 03:22 AM
Help! I've dug through these forums with no real answers. I've put a swf file in my dreamweaver page and it works when I preview it in DW but when I go to the live web page it doesn't show up.


The swf file and all the necessary files (that I know of) are on my hosting server. When I initially pulled up the live site it showed up, but once I closed the page and went back to it, the flash was gone.

Please help!!!

09-10-2009, 03:55 AM
Not finding this js file on the server,
http://www.modelmyhome.com/Scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.jsJust some fyi. Not a good idea to use blank spaces in file or folder names. This can cause problems. Best to use either an underscore or a hyphen to split words.

Currently you have
Flash Gallery/photo_gallery.swf

Try renaming this to something like

09-10-2009, 03:08 PM
When is that js code created? Within Flash or Dreamweaver? I looked through my files and do not have a js file. Can I copy the code you have and put it on my server? I'm a little lost because I'm not that familar with the code side.

09-11-2009, 12:33 AM
if you preview it locally then i think that file is probably there in your local site folder