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09-07-2009, 09:43 AM
Hi, I am currently designing my first website in DW (Mac) and have been testing my page in Firefox and Safari. The problem arose today when a friend told me the site was not working in his IE page - the spry menu items are the main problem and are all out of sequence and some are not appearing. If someone could have a peek and let me know if there's something I can do to fix the problem I would be eternally grateful!



09-09-2009, 07:02 PM
Hi Amanda, i you look in the Spry forum, you'll see alot of frustration with it.
I am not familiar with it, but I would strongly suggest getting some coding skills so you can yourself debug the code if you rely on software to write it for you.

09-10-2009, 01:36 AM
http://dwcourse.com/dreamweaver/more-spry-menu-bars.php and http://dwcourse.com/dreamweaver/spry-menu-bars.php will help you with customizing Spry menubars. But it's a lot easier to start with a clean CSS file than to debug one you've already messed up.