View Full Version : Move website from CS3 to CS4 please help

08-25-2009, 06:02 PM
I am new at web desing in dreamweaver and need some help. I have a very important website on my computer in dreamweaver CS3 but my computer is becoming unstable. I wanted to wipe the computer and start new. I want to know how I can take my website from cs3, and back it up. Then I am going to wipe my computer clean and install dreamweaver CS4. Can i take my cs3 backup file on a CD to open and save in on CS4? Thanks for you help.

08-25-2009, 08:48 PM
Before you wipe out CS3 you might want to deactivate it so that you still have all the installs left if you ever need them.

As for moving your files to CS4 it's a nat a big deal.

Back up your local root folder (which should contain all the files used in your site) and your site definition (menu: Site>Manage Sites… and then select the site and click Export…). It also wouldn't hurt to write down all the remote info as well (just in case).

When you reinstall, restore the local root folder. Then in CS4 import your backed up site definition (menu: Site>Manage Sites… and then click Import…). You may have to edit the local info to point to the new location of the local root folder since it's probably changed.