View Full Version : Flash Button Links Don't Work

08-09-2009, 03:25 PM
I am trying to Insert>Media Object>Flash Button in Dreamweaver CS3 on my template page. It warns that the .swf files will be added to the Templates folder. OK. When I save the template and update all the files, all I get are place holders.

If I modify the path on the page to the .swf file to Templates/xxx.swf on my local hard drive, the page then looks OK. Took a long time to modify each button on each page, which was all I could think of. However, the links on the buttons don't work at all when I try to preview it. I tried making the path on the template page to Templates/xxx.swf, then updating, but that didn't work either. Also copied all the .swf files to my root folder for the site - still no luck. I do have a site created to the correct folder on my hard drive.

Any ideas? The browser is trying to find C:\filename.html rather than C:\MySite\filename.html. I don't have a server to publish to yet, this is just a draft.