View Full Version : following Neonflux's tutorial but MAMP won't connect on port 8889

07-28-2009, 02:54 PM
Hi everyone,

I have just been following Neonflux's tutorial on how to install MAMP 1.6, setting up a database and connecting to Dreamweaver.

Neonflux uses the MAMP default ports 8888 Apache and 8889 MySQL.

My Mamp installation will not connect on the MySQL port 8889 and sends an error message can't find MySQL server.

However it will work on port 80 and port 3306.

I have two questions;

In order to follow the tutorial should I use ports 8888 and 8889, if so how do I sort my connection problem out?

If I choose to carry on with the ports that it will connect on, how do I fill in the testing server url prefix, in Dreamweaver, properly?

Thanks in advance.