View Full Version : Sorting CSV file with Code

Death Dream
07-01-2009, 03:22 PM
I have a CSV file that I have to update daily and sort before I upload so the site can pull it in order.


If you click Year, Make, or Model it goes to that .asp page that then pulls a different CSV file that I updated and sorted differently.

So I have 5 pages, and 5 CSV files sorted to match each page. I want there to be 5 pages that do the sorting of one CSV file. (If possible I would even like to have 1 page and 1 CSV file that works off of java script to allow the user to still sort by a collum but is not needed.)

Ideal is just to have one CSV file right now.

My site currently has a tabel set up on each page and the page then pulls data for a collum of a CSV file and puts it in the table. The CSV file has extra collums that are not displayed and also doesn't have a title bar. Kind of hard to explain but hope that makes sense.

~Death Dream~