View Full Version : Attempting to import dropdown menu from Fireworks into Dreamweaver

06-10-2009, 11:39 PM
I have just created a dropdown menu in Fireworks (I think I did anyway) and I right clicked on it to export it back into the folder that I got the original jpeg from. I created the menu with as slice instead of a hotspot from the Modify>Popup Menu>Add Popup Menu (in Fireworks) and then used the Popup Menu Editor to create the links and the settings. The I exported the file and Fireworks appended the letters _r2_c1_r1_c2 and saved the file as a .gif.

Can anyone point me to instructions on importing the .css or java or html that goes with the file into Dreamweaver? I have found resources on how to create the buttons, I just haven't found any resources on what to do with it after it's been created.....
Thank you:roll: