View Full Version : Tabbed panels not working in IE7 (fine in FF3)

05-17-2009, 09:58 AM
I just changed 3 existing pages into one page using 3 tabbed panels. All works perfectly in FF3, but in IE7 the initial page display shows the contents of all 3 panels sequentially and the tabs do not respond to clicks.

I have tested this extensively yesterday and I even managed to edit the page to make the code 100% validated against the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard using the w3c website.

I narrowed the problem down to a menu which precedes the Spry code on my page. If I remove the menu code, then the tabbed panels work fine. I can't understand though how the menu code is having the effect it does. Is anyone able to take a look and offer help please?

Here is the link to the new page: http://www.pjamedia.com/?page=modelsearchdev

This is the original page which the new one is based on: http://www.pjamedia.com/?page=modelsearch

Any help would be appreciated,

Paul A

p.s. a similar question has been posted on adobeforums, but no response. Thank you, Paul

05-18-2009, 01:10 AM
um only looked quickly but 2 suggestions

add position relative to your menu div

and this , dont think you need it ,
#fixme {
/* IE 5.0/Win and other lesser browsers will use this */
position: absolute; left: 10px; top: 10px;

05-18-2009, 09:57 AM
Thanks for your response.

I will try your position relative suggestion this evening. Thanks you for this.

As for the fixme code - this is to allow a floating menu to appear top left on my page. This has nothing to do with the issue reported as the working example of my page (with the main menu removed) still contains the floating menu which the fixme code is for.

Thanks you. I will feedback my findings later on,

Paul A

05-19-2009, 06:05 PM
Turns out my last menu item link had the same id name assigned as my tabbed panels div - therefore the tabbed panels were not able to be interacted with by the spry ajax code - hence the corruption - I guess it was just the ie specific spry code being affected bu this as like I said FF was fine. All working now!

The reason I have id tags assigned to menu links is that it allows me to format my menu options - depending what page is being displayed by comparing the page id tag with the menu link tag using css to format the current page menu item.

Thanks, Paul A