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04-20-2009, 12:35 PM
hello everyone,
im new to DW and searched for a forum to answer some of my newbie questions:mrgreen:

i have this weird question about how does blogs work.
for my next project i want to make a blog. ive also created a database with all the info (users, posts etc..) and im now making the main page.
i have this problem with the entries / posts.
ive devided the main page into a table - header, footer, left and right bars and the main cell which holds the latest posts/entries.
and im stuck..
lets say i know that ive got 4 entries. an entry is a table of one row and column (might also be a frame). how do i dynamically create 4 boxes of entries? (just to make it clear, i know how to transfer data to the website i just dunno how to dynamically create 4 entries..)

its hard to explain the question, if something isnt clear ill try to rephrase..:confused:

thank you guys very much

04-21-2009, 12:37 AM
few things
you mention daatbase but not what kind.
most commonly used is mysql you would then use php to manipulate the data.
in essence you need to connect to your database then select the data then echo or print onto your page
dreamweaver does have a limited wizard that can help but there are also tutorials on this forum if you are serious about learning.
you say you are using tables for layout, you really should be looking at using divs /layers. as for frames put them out of your thinking

welcome to the forum BTW