View Full Version : Template Containers Uneditable

04-17-2009, 10:37 AM

I'm just in my 3rd month as a Dreamweaver user. I have designed a personal website with a few templates and a good number of pages and it all works very well.

But now I want to change the header for the main template and Dreamweaver won't allow me to edit it. Whenever I try to click on that header container the cursor just turns into a circle with a diagonal line across and I cannot delete or do anything to the content.

I'm thinking this might be a question of nested templates, as I created a couple more templates using the main one as a base, but even if the problem were because of that, I still wouldn't know how to solve it.

You can check the code by looking at my website: www.salaroche.com (http://www.salaroche.com)

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.