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04-10-2009, 08:01 AM
I received the below email from my server people (mt) - they are blocking outbound mail... what does it mean? :roll: i have a PHP newsletter script (simple php only, no java) - will this be blocked?

Servers are really not my strong point . . . (I do have some strong points honest!)


| What is changing? |

We will be introducing additional changes that may potentially affect the functionality of scripts used by legitimate, non-abusive customers.

We will start blocking all outgoing mail attempts that establish a direct MX connection over port 25. Initial observations indicate that less than 0.25% of our entire customer base uses this method to send email. While few customers use this method, it accounts for a substantial amount of preventable SPAM.

Blocking this activity will reduce outgoing spam, which will in turn help our reputation with external, third-party RBLs (Real Time Blocklist) and ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Ultimately the best way to not get listed is to prevent spam from leaving our network, so this is the ideal solution.

| Are you blocking access to port 25? |

Yes and no. What we intend to do is block OUTBOUND access to port 25. Establishing an STMP connection through an email application or script is considered an INBOUND connection. Nothing will change in that regard. Customers can continue using email just as they have been. This change only affects outbound SMTP connection attempts over this specific port.

04-10-2009, 09:06 AM
it reads to me that mailing scripts that are web based ie mailchimp Pommo will be blocked however idf you use a mailing program like mail list king faet mailer etc from your desktop it will not be blocked .
I think anyway my server has done this to me recently but they clainm no knowledge of it.

04-10-2009, 09:07 AM
i think that the script that access the mail() function is using INBOUND

i think its in connection with email clients or remote scripts which tap in using the SMTP port 25. These are to be blocked.

i would contact them to clarify

04-10-2009, 09:09 AM

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04-10-2009, 11:43 AM

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04-10-2009, 12:01 PM
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