View Full Version : Dreamweaver template not making changes

04-03-2009, 10:07 PM
Hello everyone,

I have been assigned to a new client and thus "take over" an existing website. This website is setup in Dreamweaver using Templates.

The main Template is using "Param"s to switch the state of the buttons, on or off.

So, I create a new page and link it to this Template. All seems fine.

Next, I would like to change which button is "on".

Based on my research it appears you must do this change through the "Modify>Template Properties" panel. Not by editing the code by hand.

So, I open this up, click on the button code I want to change, hit OK, and I can see that in the head it has changed the Param code.

Now I have the code below.

<!-- TemplateParam name="v01" type="boolean" value="true" -->
<!-- TemplateParam name="v02" type="boolean" value="true" -->
<!-- TemplateParam name="v03" type="boolean" value="true" -->
<!-- TemplateParam name="v04" type="boolean" value="false" -->
<!-- TemplateParam name="v05" type="boolean" value="true" -->

The defaults are all "true" and the one I just changed is "false".

However, the button state of #4 still has not changed. I have tried various buttons and nothing seems to change.

This perplexes me. Is there something else I need to edit?

Any ideas would be helpful thanks!