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03-23-2009, 01:08 AM
I'm SOOOO sorry for posting this here as I know it doesn't belong but... nobody knows anything about code etc where I should ask it.

I'm learning dreamweaver pretty decently. Meaning... if someone gives me there site I can edit it etc for them, add flash etc. But, I'm just learning how to create a site from the ground up. HOWEVER, I needed to create a site right away and didn't have time to learn all the coding. So I built it in iWeb because I've done this in the past and tweaked the code to suit my needs. iWeb creates things like a joke and I realize that but I was doing it to get by for a couple weeks until I can take my exact design in iweb and recode it entirely in dreamweaver so it works fast and proper.

Problem. In iweb '08 I created a background shape with text on it (square) and lowered the opacity to about 70 so you could see the background tiling through the background shape. Now, in the CSS this creates an "opacity" value that is only compatible with Safari etc and IE 7 ignored it (although I found that I could add the filter alpha value under it so there is transparency in IE 7). So, bottom line is a website with the background square with wording having transparency in everything but explorer. Explorer didn't do anything weird to the page for having the opacity value... it just ignored it.

Then I upgraded to iweb '09 because it was supposed to have better code for IE 8 when its out of beta or whatever.

Now the CSS looks the same, HTML looks the same... but IE 7 doesn't ignore the opacity value. Instead, it looks perfect as its loading for about 2 seconds and then the shape blows up to almost twice its size and is all screwed up. If I delete the opacity value in the CSS or change it to 1.00 then there is no issue and the page displays fine (then safari and FF lose out on transparency) but if I leave that opacity value in there at any other value then it screws everything up.

I've went through the html and CSS a thousand times and couldn't figure out the issue. Now, i decided to create 2 websites on two different computers with iweb 08 and iweb 09. Just a simple colored shape with the opacity turned down but have them exactly the same. I did that and tested them online via IE 7 and the '08 site worked fine but the '09 one again was screwed up. So I dragged both sites to my xp desktop and tried them that way via IE 7. This time they both worked perfectly! So then I downloaded my commercial site (from mac highway servers) to my desktop and tested it there... works fine!

So my question... what part of the code should I be looking at that would make iweb '08 work fine ONLINE with opacity values being ignored but iweb '09 all screwed up ONLY ONLINE? There is an html page, css page, css for iE page and css for Mozilla page. Is there any parts of code that effect only "ONLINE" things?

I've COMPLETeLY reset IE in-between every single testing so there is NO caching going on here etc.

Thanks for your PROMPT attention. I'm looking like an idiot online ATM with all IE users : (

03-23-2009, 02:04 AM
code or URL. to be honest it sounds like the wrong approach if the code is correct it will display correctly,
if you are hacking awat at incorrect code you will always be compromising. visibility would better be done in an inmage editor rather that trying to achieve it with css i would think. there are some very savvy people who can advise you better about that. but with out code or a link it s difficult to guess what you have

03-24-2009, 02:30 AM
"What part of the code?"
You at least have to show us the code if we're to find that out lol :)

04-02-2009, 12:38 AM

It turned out that iweb '08 was referencing a GIANT .js file via apple.com online and iweb '09 was referencing a giant one that was now included in the site folder. I stole the code from '08 to reference the old .js and it worked for the most part. Here is a thread all about it on apples forums and my discoveries should anyone ever have an odd interest or find this thread via google and need help with a solution:


Anyways, thanks for looking and sorry I haven't posted back here earlier...