View Full Version : Uploading to YahooSmallBusiness

03-19-2009, 03:31 AM
Hi there,

I'm new to DW and offerred to help a group make revisions to
their already existing website. Their website was constructed by
someone else in DW who no longer works there. Their site is hosted through Yahoo! Small Business.

I am able to download the pages stored in a yahoo "file manager" folder,
edit them, BUT am not sure how to upload them back to the site.
Since I do not have the original website folder in its entirety on my computer, I'm not sure if I can still go the FTP route direct from DW with singular pages? OR, do I just do the "easy upload" via yahoo and upload the html page (DW file) and any images IN that page.

ANY insight would be greatly appreciated!!!


03-19-2009, 03:55 AM
the images are not ' in' the page but links to the (img src) if they are new you will need to upload them also